Own a website or a blog with a fashion-focused audience?

                                  We invite you to apply to join JUDY WU Affiliate Program!


Based in London, JUDY WU is an international luxury designer brand which offers high quality womenswear, unique accessories, and handbags, as well as bespoke services in our Atelier in Central London. By Joining our exclusive Affiliate Program not only do you partner with a luxury fashion brand, but you also earn a commission from qualifying purchases when customers shop through your account.



The program is free to join. Your eligibility for the program will be determined on a case-by case basis and does not follow fixed criteria. Nonetheless, we expect our affiliates to have a certain degree of influence under their social media, blog or website, with a fashion-focused audience in coherence with our luxury products and brand image. Please note that we will emphasise the quality of your audience rather than its quantity – in that sense, we will look carefully at your engagement rate.  


As a member of the program, you are free to choose the commission option the most suitable for you:

  1. Up to 15 % on net sales made by customers who come through your channel.
  • An exclusive URL link will be attributed to you.
  • 30-day cookie window.
  • Ads, banners and other media will be available for an easy placement on your channel.
  1. Choose to receive a voucher for posts featuring the brand on your social media.(Coming soon) *

For further information about the JUDY WU’s Affiliate Program email us at press@judywu.co.uk

Ready to take the plunge? Just fill out our form and our team will come back to you shortly!


*Posts are either provided or can be a personal media featuring our products - London-based affiliates are welcome to visit our Shop and take pictures/videos while wearing our products.